100-Hours Russian Sports Massage
Certification Program

By Oleg Bouimer, Founder, Russian Sports Massage in the USA

This is THE most comprehensive, advanced and dynamic Sports Massage course available in the world.

This program is taught directly by Oleg Bouimer, MA, CMT, CPT who is an honors graduate of the State Institute of Physical Education in the Ukraine. He has worked extensively with elite athletes in the former USSR, and in USA with NBA, NHL and NFL athletes. He is the foremost expert in this most advanced system of Sports Massage therapy. Currently, Oleg Bouimer works as Director of Advanced Studies at the Southern California Health Institute and most recently he has been appointed as the Sports Rehabilitation consultant with the Russian Olympic Triathlon team.

Oleg Bouimer has personally designed this program to provide you with the most effective tools of advanced Sports Massage, necessary to achieve the optimum goals of sports training and performance.

The program is formulated to help you achieve a solid understanding of both the theory and practice of Sports Massage. Oleg will openly share his experiences and techniques so that you become the most effective sports massage therapist, possible.

This program is ideal for anyone interested in pursuing work in the field of Sports Massage, or actively working with athletes. The skills and techniques learned, help to maximize the performance of those you treat, prepare them for each event and heal previous injuries.

The Curriculum

This unique training is based on the science of Sports Massage, with each protocol scientifically developed and proven by decades of successful performance of Russian athletes in the world sports arena.

Participants can expect to be trained in cutting-edge, professional techniques used by massage therapists working with professional athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts.

Program Outline

3-day Training Sports Massage 24 CE hours
3-day Pre & Post-Event Sports Massage 24 CE hours
5-day Advanced Rehab Sports Massage 40 CE hours
2-day Pro Sports Massage Clinic 12 CE hours
Total 100 CE hours

download the curicculum (PDF)   

Note: The courses could be taken either individually, - for the sake of obtaining some specific theoretical knowledge and developing new hands-on skills, - or as a complete program.
You would be given an option to take a final written exam to be awarded the Certification.

Pre-requisites for Certification

1- 88 hours of face-to-face in class instructions, within a two year period with at least a month of practice between the classes.
2 - 12 hours of hands-on in the sports training/competition setting.
3 - 20 hours of documented sports massage sessions.
4 - All 3 lab assessments (one at the end of each class).
5 - Written exam.

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Course Breakdown:

3–Day Training Sports Massage                24 CE

This course is based on a fundamental acknowledgment of Sports Massage Therapy being an integral part of the sports training process.

The advanced Sports Massage techniques presented during this dynamic, hands-on course form the core foundation for your training in Russian Sports Massage.

By the end of the 3 days you will be equipped with a complete toolbox of the most advanced Sports Massage techniques that will guarantee rapid results and an easy-to-follow protocol for a 2 hour full body massage.

Based on the uniqueness of Russian Sports Massage as a more dynamic, faster paced, application, you will be introduced to a set of advanced techniques and protocols designed for this purpose.

You will be developing a comprehensive range of techniques and expertise that include,
but not limited to:

Petrissage: Based on the acknowledgment that Petrissage is the main technique in working with the skeletal muscles, there will be demonstration and plenty of opportunity to practice 15 main kneading techniques that will take your sessions to a whole new level.

Friction and Friction-Kneading:  You will be introduced to a variety of friction techniques as the main application to work on joints and skeletal muscles attachments. At the same time, you will be shown advanced Friction-Kneading strokes consisting of kneading performed with the speed of friction that allow you to work deeper with less effort, while effectively restoring working capacity of tired and/or sore muscles without eliciting any painful sensation.

Rhythm and Speed of your application: You will develop fluid movements with your newly acquired understanding of the importance of both finding and maintaining a proper rhythm for each massage session, while constantly alternating faster-lighter and slower-deeper massage strokes. This will result in more effective communication with the brain and getting 100% predictable CNS response.

3-Day Pre & Post-Event Sports Massage          24 CE

This course is based on decades of scientific studies on the effects of Sports Massage before and after sports competitions.

You will be presented with the main goals and concepts of Pre & Post-Event Sports Massage.
By the end of these three days of hands-on-training, you will have acquired two different sets of techniques, unique to the needs of athletes, either to effectively prepare them for the competition or help them to recover faster after the event.

You will be given numerous opportunities to practice applying these techniques to a wide range of sports, with the emphasis on the importance of selecting the right tool at the right time for different massage applications.

5-Day Advanced Rehab Sports Massage          40 CE

This 5-day intensive course is based on the science of Sports Massage that has always been the integral part of the training process of the Olympic athletes in the former Soviet Union, while they were dominating the international sports arena during those years.

During this course you will learn those same techniques and concepts of Sports Massage that gives Russian elite athletes the expanded capacity to train harder and to rehabilitate faster.

You will be learning the THE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF SPORTS REHABILITATION which cover the most common types of injury; reaction of different types of the soft tissue to trauma; acute and chronic injuries; different approach to the manual rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries; how to match various massage techniques with each step of sports rehabilitation.

During your intensive five days, hands-on training you will gain confidence in working with
Sports Trauma of:

1- THE SHOULDER JOINT           
Rotar Cuff Syndrome, Subacromial Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder and various types of contractures, Tendinities of the Biceps Brachii.
Pectoralis Muscles Syndrome, Intercostal Nerve Neuralgia, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Pronator Teres Muscle Syndrome.
Tensor Fasciae Lata Muscle Syndrome, Trochanteritis, Trauma of Iliotibial Tract, Groin Trauma (adductor muscles).
4 - KNEE AND FOOT Knee trauma and strain, Shin Splints, Achillodynia and Subtendinous Bursitis, Trauma of talofibular ligament, Plantar Fasciitis, Tendinitis.


Sports Massage Clinics can be arranged to accommodate your need to practice Sports Massage with high-level professional athletes. You can fulfill the requirement of this 12-hour clinic by working on existing clients.

TOTAL:  100 CE Hours.

download the curicculum (PDF)